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I have truly enjoyed every moment of my time spent within this organization. We work very hard to ensure everyone is getting the clients they want and paid for their time. Truly an exceptional agency in a state where it can be challenging to work for an ethical agency.


I have been working as an SLPA for over 2 years now! Since I started, I have worked with 2 agencies in the PHX area, and so far none of them have come close to comparing working for Not Only Words Therapy!! I am so grateful to have found a company that values their Therapists, has great compensation, supportive and makes work FUN!! I highly recommend NOWT for services and working as a Therapist!

SLP Assistant
Pathologist Assistant

I work for NOWT and have been taken care of from top to bottom! When i have an issue, a quick email will always be responded to promptly and with a helpful answer. This is my first job out of college and my supervisor has been able to really guide me through all of my clients and been my saving grace through navigating this tough career choice. Not only words really helps build you as a professional and they are there to support you the whole way through!

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