Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission:

Not Only Words Therapy’s mission is to meet the therapeutic needs of children and their families. Providing rehabilitation and therapeutic services to Arizona children in public schools since 2003, we specialize in a full array of intervention options and opportunities for families and their children by:

  • Providing quality therapeutic services to children with physical, sensory, cognitive and communication needs.
  • Educating parents on their child’s needs in order to achieve success through the therapeutic process in homes and community settings.
  • Using a multidisciplinary team approach, including physicians, case managers, therapists and family members to collaborate on an effective therapeutic care plan.
  • Focusing on achieving maximal independent function optimized by periodic reviews with those providing service or care to the child.
Speech Therapy

Our Philosophy

Not Only Words Therapy is committed and passionate about helping children master their highest level of independence by working with families as a team to create an honest and trusting environment that promotes learning and sharing.

Family members are recognized as key participants in a multidisciplinary team and are encouraged to be involved in the child’s therapy program. With this level of involvement, the child’s therapeutic progress is exponentially maximized, and the family learns how to support and advocate for the child.

Code of Conduct

Lavish Trust on Your Associates
People are trusted to ensure success for all, children and their families, as well as each other.

Mentor Unselfishly
Mentoring is a sharing of information to the people we report to, to the people we work with, and to the people who report to us.

Be Receptive to New Ideas, Regardless of Their Origin
New ideas are the roots of an organization. To be successful, a company must be willing to listen to new ideas and find a way to bring them to life if they help all.

Take Personal Risks for the Organization
People share valuable information with the group in order to protect and support the organization.

Give Credit Where It’s Due
People need to feel appreciated every day, and they need to see the fairness of the credit given.

Live a Life of Integrity
People feel pride in an organization built upon honesty and loyalty.

Put the Needs of Others Before Your Own
Putting others first when they need you, adds vitality to both the individual and the organization.


Speech Therapy Code of Conduct